Burned kitten receiving first-rate care

My previous post was angry, and looked at the worst aspects of the human animal and how some can sink to levels that might drive me to violence against them.  I find it really difficult to soften my feelings towards the two teenagers involved.

But humans can be kind as well.  The stray kitten (who has been named Adam) I was talking about is receiving a lot of love and care, and actually stands a good chance now of surviving.  There is even a video of Adam including one of the nurses involved in his care.  Tina, the Nurse, says she has chosen to keep her thoughts on the kindness of people who have come together to help him.  Bear in mind that the video was taken about a month after Adam was set on fire by the teenage girls.  Several other cats in the same cages are still missing.

I’ll do my best to adopt Tina’s frame of thinking as well.  But it is hard not to wish for a few gallons of napalm and a little free access to the prison cell where the teenage girls who did this are being held.

Update: Adam is being treated at/by the Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County organization.  You can visit their website to see updates regarding Adam.  His next major surgery is on July 24th.


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2 thoughts on “Burned kitten receiving first-rate care”

  1. Watching that brought a small tear… he can still purr. I’m thankful every day that Rhogan is healthy and whole. The fates found Adam someone who loves him enough to give him another chance at life.

    That is why I would have a house full of cats… to keep them from irresponsible humans.

  2. The purring got to me too. It amazes me how resiliant living creatures can sometimes be. I’m hoping there will be some further updates on Adam’s progress.

    I’ve started making donations to animal rescue places in lieu of adopting cats. Our six have all, with one exception, been “rescued” (adopted from the SPCA, animal rescue shelter, or the like). But much more than six starts to seem a bit too much work and maybe a bit too much like “collecting”, which can be bad for the critters as well.

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