Mentally retarded or evil: You be the Judge

A judge in Washington, DC, is apparently very easily stressed out.  His life was ruined when a pair of pants he dropped off at the dry cleaners were lost.  And the terrible mental trauma this has inflicted upon him is worth a mere $54 million dollars.  He initially sued the ordinary working class owners of the dry cleaning shop for $67 million, but apparently concluded that he could shave $13 million off of that since the pants were used.

Those must be some really special pants, I guess.  Either that, or Judge Roy Pearson is a scum sucking, ambulance chasing, bill-padding lawyer who should be dragged out back, have honey poured over his body, and be staked out on an ant hill.  The fact that his case is undoubtedly costing the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars, to say nothing of likely bankrupting the owners of the dry cleaning shop, appears to have flown right over His Honour’s head. 

On the plus side, if Judge Pearson is ever charged with murder he should have no trouble whatsoever getting a reduced sentence due to mental defect.  All he has to do is draw attention to this lawsuit.  The really sad thing, of course, is the fact that the Chungs have probably already been strongly advised to settle with him for a half million dollars or so just to save money.  They’ve already tried to settle for as much as $12,000, but that’s only about two days of lawyer-time. 

I’ve heard that bullets are available for about 10 cents a piece at Walmart…*

*This is purely informational.  I do not in any way condone shopping at Walmart

Update: the judge in this suit has ruled in favour of the defendants (I.E.: the dry cleaners).  I wouldn’t exactly call this a victory for justice.  The judge *should* have offered an opinion on how incredibly unreasonable the demands were, how inappropriate and unbecoming it was for an officer of the court to pursue such unreasonable claims,  and perhaps charged the plaintiff (another judge) for wasting the court’s time.

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2 thoughts on “Mentally retarded or evil: You be the Judge”

  1. *blink… blink* Hmmm Americans at their finest… again. I had hope the upper class but then again he’s probably old money with bible belt thrown in for good measure. Does anyone else smell racism here? I would hate to serve that man a coffee and accidentally forget the whip cream. Sounds like he’d sue for that. To be devil’s advocate for a moment, perhaps there might be some sort of reason he leaped off the deep end. I would be irritated if I sent something in and it didn’t come back which has and could happen. Not 54 million dollars worth mind you, the settlement of 12 000$ should more than take care of the damn pants.

    Gods, I feels better about my day already. I’d give my business to those people just to give some kind of support for an old boyz, bible thumping, racist, weasel.

  2. I don’t know about racism or religion…but that’s feasible consideration. I just find the whole idea of suing for so much…or at all, for that matter…for something so trivial to be morally repugnant.

    If I’m walking down the street and you are drunk out of your mind while driving your car on the sidewalk and run me down, leaving me paralyzed for the rest of my life….*that* is worth a multi-million dollar lawsuit. A pair of fricking pants, a cup of hot coffee, even a mouse in your Big Mac: that’s *not* worth tens of millions of dollars.

    These people have no sense of fairness, justice, or even sanity. Grrr. I was trying not to get angry again. **deep cleansing breath**

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