Dumb time to catch a cold…

I’m struggling at the moment to avoid catching a cold.  I’m taking an extended break from work for the Christmas season this year, and what happens as my first day begins?  I start to feel a sore throat.  My head starts to feel “thick”, like I’m seeing/thinking/hearing through a layer of cotton. 

So far, I’m just on the verge of being sick with something.  I’m optimistic that I can avoid actually developing full blown symptoms.  But why is it that this kind of thing…coming down with an illness just as your vacation/holidays begin…seems so common?  Is it just an illusion caused by some abberation in the way our minds process events, like the “bad things come in threes” myth?  Or is it physiological?

Ah well, its not serious- just slightly irritating.  I have my pack of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges at hand to make my throat numb, and I’m going to try something crazy like going to sleep before 2:00 am to see if that will help…

5 thoughts on “Dumb time to catch a cold…”

  1. Could be the body knows it’s slowing down and all the little beasties it’s been fighting as you stay in hyperspace get the upper hand the moment the defenses come down. Happens to me too. Some intense personal TLC should help. Oh and, *waves at Irene too* Happy Solstice! and yule and all the rest. *bows* Any chance of you two coming home sometime during the holidays? Wouldn’t mind saying hi to you and Chris.

  2. You are probably right, Oblivion…but it still seems like a dumb system. Get sick when I go back to work, so I’m not “wasting” my vacation: that would be smart 😉

    Irene and I say “Merry Christmas to you and yours, Leaha!” As for coming to Edmonton over the next few weeks- that’s not happening. Travel for us is a seemingly complex thing- with a house full of cats, it means finding critter-sitters willing to do house calls. Irene usually makes it back at least once a year by herself while I stay home to be cat mommy. I don’t do much travelling at all lately, and I think I’ve made it back to Edmonton only a couple of times since we moved. But I might get myself motivated to make the trip sometime in 2007- it would be good to see you and other folks I’ve missed.

  3. No worries i figured with the Zoo that would be the case. Though I am trying to head out that way in the spring (well may-june). A friend out there is having a composition premiered around then and I wouldn’t mind just visiting so perhaps we shall cross paths then. We shall see. At any rate, get better.

  4. so sorry to hear about your sniffles. 2 weeks into my time off I fall off a short stool and pull a big muscle – i’m still limping. quite a nice colored bruse and a dull ache that keeps me awake at night. worse is I was putting up Christmas lights – so dont over indulge just sit in a comfy chair and let x-mas happen! love to you both

  5. I don’t know why but my brain is playing funny word association games with the phrase “catch a cold.”

    If you catch a cold, set it free…
    If it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was ( and some other poor sod is going to suffer! ) 😉

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