Microsoft wants *you* to try IE 7 Beta…

Microsoft is on its second beta of Internet Explorer 7, and they really want people to download and use it. I’ve been telling people who are having problems seeing my website “correctly” to use Firefox since IE 6 is full of CSS and DOM rendering bugs. IE7 will fix most of those problems, and the Beta actually looks reasonably good.

My site on IE 6

My site on Internet Explorer 6

My site on IE7
My site on Internet Explorer 7 Beta

So now I have a new option: if you don’t want to use Firefox and don’t like how my site looks, download IE 7 Beta 2. Unlike with Firefox, it doesn’t appear that you can run IE7 alongside the old version of IE*- IE7 completely replaces IE6. Be warned, although IE7 seems reasonably stable. Please be aware that I really *do* spend time (sometimes many hours) trying to make certain features of my site work better with IE6…but I’m not inclined to remove/completely re-write those features to work around obvious bugs in Internet Explorer.
The final version is expected to be released during the “second half of this year”, whatever that means.

*You could easily prove me wrong- I haven’t played with it much

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