Excedrin Headache #456…

A man in Oregon apparently had a bit of a headache last year. When surgeons at the emergency ward checked him out, they found 12 nails embedded in his skull.

The man initially claimed that he had experienced an accident with a nail gun and forgotten about it…then later admitted he’d been pumped up on meth and had tried to commit suicide. All of the nails penetrated the skull completely- these weren’t flesh wounds.
The amazing thing here is that this genious managed to put eight nails in one side of his skull, then when that didn’t kill him he put four more in the other side of his head. Then he cooked up the idea of going to the emergency ward to complain about a headache.

I have to imagine that firing a nail through your skull even once has got to hurt. In the annals of failed suicide attempts, this guy definitely gets an “A” for effort and an “A+” for perseverance.

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