Warp drive possible if alternate physics model right….

I feel cheated by the last 50 years of science. Currently accepted theories of space and matter based on quantum mechanics and general relativity basically prohibit us from exploring interstellar space. But, since theories are mostly good to build the next generation of improved theories, I keep hoping that one day something will change the accepted models.

I was reading an article today about one of the not-so-accepted models that provides an alternative to quantum mechanics. Burkhard Heim spent forty years of his life painstakingly assembling a mathematical model based in part on general relativity and quantum mechanics. His model has thus far not been disproven, and it seems to provide a model of the universe that seems at least as accurate as the currently more “accepted” theories. More importantly, his theories allow for the creation of a magnetic bubble within which faster than light travel is possible.

Apparently there are some relatively achievable tests using massive magnetic fields that can be performed to see if Heim’s theories hold up. I’d love to see something like this shake up the currently accepted theoretical models of the universe. The fact that it might just lead to viable methods of interstellar travel makes Burkhard Heim’s work particularly intriguing.

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