I’m going for CT scan…

Back in June my doctor requested a CT (computed or computed axial tomography) scan of my neck regarding some persistant pain and occasional numbness of my right arm. With our great waiting lists here, my scan is scheduled for bright and early tomorrow morning, January 3rd…about six months after he made the request. This is the first time I’ve gone in for anything more complicated than a simple X-Ray.

Anyway, CT scans and MRIs have always been kind of interesting to me. I remember chatting with guys back in the 80’s who were working on contracts to write part of the graphic display software for an NMR machine. To me, its neat to think of how much computers can add to the whole process of understanding whats going on inside a human body.

I’ll add some comments here tomorrow after I’ve been through the process. I’m hoping that I can keep my flu symptoms under control enough so that I can stay still long enough…

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