Dreaded favicon

Anyone who runs a website has undoubtedly seen it. Hundreds of errors in the logfiles saying “File does not exist: /../favicon.ico”

Years ago, someone in the browser world came up with this idea that it would be neat if each website could have a little icon that would represent that site. If it was named and placed in a standard location, browsers could pick up that image and use it if the user added the site as a favorite, for example. Its a neat idea.

Unfortunately, every browser that looks for this file generates an error. Internet Explorer looks for it by default: other browsers for the most part only look for it if they are told by the website to do so via a tag.

Fixing the problem is easy: create a favicon.ico file- even an empty file would do. Like a lot of things about my personal site, though, I keep putting it off…until today.

Bask in the glory of my newly added favicon image! And if you are looking for a quick overview on how to create a favicon of your own using Photoshop, check this site out. It includes a link to the Telegraphics ICO file format plugin for Photoshop.

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