Antonia Bayle…in real life

Another strange thing about MMOGs is the fact that they have now spawned real world model searches. I’m not playing EverQuest 2 any more really, but this sort of got my attention.

Teresa Noreen has a striking resemblance to the in-game Antonia Bayle, and is a gaming girl (or “grrrl”) besides. She has a website of her own, and has a full fledged computer in her car…although I kind of get the impression her husband is actually the car nut: either that, or she is talking about herself in the third person. Unfortunately for the single male gamers out there, she’s already married. I can imagine her husband cackling gleefully as he took close up pictures of her various postage stamp and dental floss bikinis on their honeymoon. Be sure to scroll down for the closeups of the knitted bikini.

Apologies, Teresa- I’m a typical randy male, as my wife will attest.

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  1. Yeah I am sure she has played eq2, I bet the first time she heard of it, was when her husband said “hey let me take a picture and send it in”.

    But I am naturally cynical so.

    And the computer in her car…can someone say “husband”? “Her” post didn’t even sound like a female post, at least not to me.

    She does look a lot like Antonia, but my favourite is the girl below, even though she doesn’t look as “Antonia” like.

  2. Just an addendum :).

    My post wasn’t meant to “sound” so mean about me believing whether or not she played eq2.

    I just chalk it up to more lies that celebrities spew out, everything from “this was the best movie i have done” all the way to “this is our best album”.

    They (celebrities, public figures) are taught how to say the right things, so her saying “oh yeah i play, just not as much as i would like to” rings of “EQ2? WTF is that?” 😛

  3. Yeah: I don’t disagree with you regarding the cynicism angle.

    Regarding the other model you refer to- in terms of attractiveness, she looks nice and is arguably better looking. Mind you, she’s a former Playboy Playmate, so that’s not too surprising. But this isn’t supposed to be a beauty contest. Its supposed to be a “who looks most like Antonia Bayle?” contest.

  4. Hey Kelly! Nice work. The car is Teresa’s – the carputer is my creation and those are my words you’ve read. 😉 As for gleeful cackling… well… I was really mostly interested in getting photos to submit into the competition at

    Anyhow, as you now know, Teresa has made it to the top five and she’s working diligently to win in Vegas next weekend! She has the forums abuzz and has even spawned a Teresa for Queen website from one of her fans.

    Wish her luck!

    Oh, and if there’s any doubt of her gaming… she has two characters – both are level 6 mages on two different servers, one is even in a guild. I don’t know all the details as I stay quite busy in the car and carputer forums. But I do know she has some articles that should be published soon that give out her characters’ details.

  5. I had heard Teresa had made it to the finals- deservedly so. And now, in context of the site, those honeymoon photos make more sense…although I sort of doubt you found the job of photographer particularly onerous 😉

    When I get back from work today I’ll do a bit more poking around about the Antonia Bayle finals and post a follow up. Give Teresa best wishes from us here in my house- even my wife thinks she looks the most like Antonia. I tried to get an opinion from several of our cats, but they just purred.

  6. I have taken quite a fancy to the role of photographer. 😀 And the white suit is my favorite, as well… although it only sees occasional use.

    Thanks for the well wishes! Did the cats vote? LOL! The wait is almost over. Here’s hoping she brings it home next weekend!!!

  7. Re: voting- I haven’t been able to teach the cats to type correctly yet: mostly they just type “oweuro w9 = 2i” or something like that 😉

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for Teresa. I’d say, though, that the audience here are the real winners. We all got to go through hundreds of pictures of attractive women to pick out some favorites…add to that being able to tell my wife “Its an EQ2 contest, honest!”… priceless!

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