What the heck is this?

Blogging…I’m pretty sure that term was invented by the same group of irritating people who more recently came up with “podcasting”.

I’ve had what I call a “vanity” website for about 9 years now. I have been posting stuff about myself, that interests me, or that I wanted to experiment with all that time. But I’ve never really called what I do “blogging”, even though my most recent website incarnation has looked an awful lot like a blog.

So why did I install WordPress? Well, I was about to write a posting to my site…this being about the sixth time I’ve had the urge to post to my site in the past week. Yet despite those six urges in seven days, I’ve not posted anything. Why? Well, I have to log in, and the editor isn’t very fun to use, and…frankly, the process has become sort of boring.

Being a techy, I like new gadgets. WordPress is “new” to me, so I thought it might inspire me to write a bit more. Also, there are various programs to allow me to edit my entries offline and the like, perhaps encouraging me to write a bit more spontaneously.

Until I see how I can integrate this with the rest of my site, this will be sort of a “hidden” blog. Enjoy the exclusivity while it lasts…which may be forever đŸ˜‰

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