Psychic random numbers..

I read a story today about some interesting observations being made using simple random number generators.

In a nutshell: some scientists developed a simple little box that is supposed to be a pure random number generator. This box design was used a couple of decades ago as a control system to see if people could somehow influence randomness with their minds. It was shown that ordinary people could apparently do so. A number of other scientists began coming up with more elaborate experiments to get to the bottom of this effect.

And they kept generating more “unbelievable” results. Most notably, a global network of these random number generators seems to be showing trends in some sort of global human consciousness. There were major “surges” or “spikes” detected in non-random randomness immediately prior to major world events. Notice that I say “immediately prior”: as if reacting to something that hasn’t happened yet. Spikes of non-randomness registered in dozens of “pure” random number generators globally…something that is a billion to one shot if it happens once, but its happened numerous times now.

Whether these devices are reacting to a sort of living network of consciousness, a network which can somehow reflect incidents before they happen, or whether its all just a series of extraordinarily improbable freak occurences is hard to say. Maybe its the beginning of an entirely new science. We could be on the verge of having our concept of how our minds work, and how time itself works, flipped on its ear.

Or it could all be a weird occurrance that we’ll never understand. Either way its interesting…

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