Spam rage…

I’ve got to tell you…I am getting a little sick and tired of spam email. You know, all that “V!agra c.heap!”, “E.n.large your m&anhood”, and “E.xxtreme h&amster S.E.X.X!” crap that clutters your inbox.

 I have two different spam filters, and receive an average of 80 email messages a day…of which six pass through my filters, and four are legitimate email messages. The pathetic lowlifes who send this barrage of crap into my life are beneath any contempt. Lengthy sessions in jail with V!agra overdosed E.n.Larged cellmates would be appropriate. I also think there should be a special hell reserved for the businesses that fund these spammers, and the ISPs that turn a blind eye to their activities.

 But I think it is possible to go too far
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Tree collapse

There was a major rain and wind storm in our area a few weeks ago. We had something like 6 inches of rain in 24 hours, and winds of around 80 km/h (50 miles an hour).

 This isn’t normally a problem: we hunker down in our house and watch the water fall from the sky. But this time, one of the trees in our front yard suffered a calamity…

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Earlier this year we had to have our dog, Sheena, euthanized. It was a tough decision. But I was pretty clear that Sheena was our first and last dog: I loved her, but dogs are a lot of work.

 Irene has been working on me ever since. She wanted another dog. But we have a household of seven cats, and that’s busy enough. Up until this weekend, logic prevailed: despite several near misses, we remained dog free.

 I finally broke down this weekend. Meet Sadie…

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