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Nova Scotia Vacation Pictures

I decided to avoid procrastinating by converting/uploading all of our vacation photos today. I’m done, and you can check them out in our gallery, or read on for more specific links.


Home again…

Irene and I got back home yesterday (Monday) somewhat before noon local time. The vacation was great and I enjoyed seeing Nova Scotia, but it is probably somewhat telling that both Irene and I slept for nearly 16 hours when we got home.

The main things I would change for next time would be […]

On the Bluenose II… and ducks

Irene and I are on day two of our vacation to Nova Scotia. So far, I am having a lot of fun. We’ve flown too far, eaten too much, and now I have wind burn. In my previous post I provided a link to our travel “map”: in theory, it is supposed to be […]

Our vacation: Victoria Tall Ships 2008

Irene and I spent the last five days over on Vancouver Island in Victoria for the Tall Ships Festival. I had a good time, and would particularly recommend seeing the Tall Ships to someone who has a moderate to strong interest in the age of sail. So what did we see? Well, a lot […]

Vacation over…

Time is relative.  When I started my vacation, two weeks seemed like forever.  Now that I’m on my last day of vacation, two weeks seems to have been hardly enough to get started.

I had a lot of grandiose plans when I started.  Some of them came to pass: when Chris was here we […]

Vacation starts…

Today was my last day at work for a couple of weeks.  I still have work to do, but I am no longer on any kind of clock other than one meeting I’m supposed to call in to tomorrow morning.

I don’t take traditional vacations very often.  You know…the kind where you get on […]

More catching up…our Anniversary!

Cracking open the vaults of time again….Irene and I celebrated our anniversary back in July (July 14, to be exact).  We took a little 2 day vacation for our anniversary this year, heading to the island on Friday and returning on Monday.  We spent the night in Chemanus, at the Castlebury Inn Bed and […]