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Horrific waste: Lambo shipped by air for oil change

I may not be convinced that global warming is purely a result of human factors, but I am totally convinced that we have to radically reduce our carbon output. I also think it is long past time for us to stop relying on petrochemicals for energy.


Mentally retarded or evil: You be the Judge

A judge in Washington, DC, is apparently very easily stressed out. His life was ruined when a pair of pants he dropped off at the dry cleaners were lost. And the terrible mental trauma this has inflicted upon him is worth a mere $54 million dollars. He initially sued the ordinary working class owners […]

i-Phone: second coming of Jesus?

All the cool people in the world use Macintoshes.  If you use something other than a Macintosh you are, by definition, not cool.  It goes without saying that the only real innovation that takes place in the world takes place on a Macintosh, and the greatest innovations that occur on Macintoshes occur within the Holy Shrine itself: […]