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Wouldn’t you know it…

I just completed a completely unnecessary and unintentionally expensive upgrade to my main gaming computer. Of course, this means it is time for something to unexpectedly break and need replacing.


Sony DVD copy protection prevents replay in some Sony DVD players…

Sony just can’t seem to stop screwing their customers with various forms of DRM. First there was the Sony CD rootkit debacle (insert a Sony CD into your PC and get hacked by the best!) Now it appears that several of their latest DVD releases, including Stranger than Fiction and Casino Royal, won’t work […]

Vanguard: another year, another MMOG…

Title Vanguard Developer SoE (Sigil) Type MMORPG Platform(s) Windows Kelly Score ™ 70 / 100 […]

Sigil answers questions about Vanguard switch to SoE

I mentioned a day or so ago that Vanguard is no longer going to be published by Microsoft. The reaction on the official Vanguard forums has been somewhat over-the-top, to put it mildly.