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A Tale of Two Kitties: Harley and Jasmine

I’ve been really enjoying my motorcycle riding this year. So much so that I started planning for my “ultimate” touring motorcycle. I was weighing different features, reading dozens of forums and reviews, and lamenting the several years which I’d likely have to wait in order to save up the cash. As you might imagine, […]

Pussy pictures…

I have a couple of kitten pictures of Iris and Bilbo that show how a fourteen year old and (at the time) a 14 week old kitten can co-exist.


Kittens galore! Iris…

I admit it…I’m weak.  Put a tiny little kitten in my hands, and I toss all reason and logic to the wind. Nimbus came into our lives through Irene’s volunteering at a local pet shelter.  And now Iris has joined our catty household due to a visit to our friendly vet…


More kitten photos- Nimbus

Nimbus has been with us for over a month now, and has been doing a great job doing what kittens do. It seemed like a good time about four or five days ago to take a batch of photos of him, and I’ve just finished putting them into the gallery.