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Years from now, someone will ask “Who is Kelly Adams? Was he ever famous?” And the answer will be “No, of course not. But his brother Ron was once on TV…“

Seriously, though… Ron was interviewed by Global News while mowing his lawn a week or so ago. Apparently there is a ban […]

The Barbeque

I didn’t write about this last weekend as Willow’s death kind of took the fun right out of me. But on July 17, I had the joy of having a big chunk of my family over at our house. Ron, Jessie, and the children; as well as Connie and Dennis were all in the […]

Life marches on…

I remember spending a couple of summers on my Uncle George and Aunt Yvonne’s farm when I was about eight or ten years old. Two of my Uncles, George and Charlie Gillies, and my Grandma lived near Big Beaver, Saskatchewan. The family farm, split between the two brothers, had grown to several thousand acres […]

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My Mom’s 85th birthday was yesterday.  My sister Judy pulled together a surprise party, and as many of us kids as could make it were there. 



The last couple of days I’ve been visiting with family.  That is, when I’m not playing new games on my XBox 360. 

My brother Ron, his wife Jessie, and their daughter Rebecca were passing through while on a vacation.  We spent the afternoon with the whole local clan at my Sister’s place on […]

Happy Easter!

“Happy Easter” seems like a strange thing to say given the religious meaning of the holiday, but I’m not religious in any way so I’ll say it and not feel guilty. For me, Easter is sort of like Thanksgiving: a time to give thanks for all the good things in life and to spend […]

Happy New Year!!

It’s a little past midnight, so that means it is now officially 2007 here on the Wet Coast. Irene and I got back from Chilliwack about an hour ago, and my wife is already off in dreamland. I’m sitting here in front of my computer with a glass of cognac at hand, pondering the […]

Christmas day at Judy and Bryan’s house

We had a great day at Judy and Bryan’s place today. My brother Colin, his wife Betty, and two of their children, Jacey and Troy, drove up from Edmonton for the Holidays.


Merry Christmas!

It’s December 25th…I’m still wearing my PJs and robe and it’s fast approaching noon- it must be a good day 🙂

Christmas has been good to Irene and I this year. We have each other, and our cats are all healthy and happy at the moment. We are going over to my Sister and […]

Visiting folks

Irene and I went to visit my sister Connie today and to see the house she bought and refurbished.  She’s done a really nice job taking an older home that had been used and abused and turning it around.  Lots of TLC has gone into the place, but more importantly it’s her house- and […]