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Irene wants to play EverQuest….

I’ve been playing computer games for…<shudder> decades. The first computer game I played was probably a text adventure game I hand-typed into my Apple II from a magazine. I saved it to cassette tape…I think the game had something to do with exploring an abandoned mine, but I’m not sure. That would have been […]

Uncanny Valley…

I’ve heard people say that they prefer the graphics in World of Warcraft over those in EverQuest 2. The discussions I’ve had with people about why they feel this way seem to boil down to a description of the characters in EQ looking “plastic”, “like corpses”, or “not cool”.


EverQuest 2- the Rise of Isolation in MMOGs

Back in the bad old days (circa 1999), massively multi-player online games allowed player to player interaction. I’m not talking about player killing: I’m referring to the ability of one player’s actions to impact another, for good or ill. Then things began to change… […]

Gaming quandry…

I play massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs, or sometimes MMORPG if the game is of the roleplaying type). At times in the past seven years or so, playing these games has consumed the lions share of my free time: up to about 20 or so hours a week.


Antonia Bayle…in real life

Another strange thing about MMOGs is the fact that they have now spawned real world model searches. I’m not playing EverQuest 2 any more really, but this sort of got my attention.


Little things…

Sometimes, a comforting pattern becomes a rut… […]