Gaming quandry…

I play massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs, or sometimes MMORPG if the game is of the roleplaying type). At times in the past seven years or so, playing these games has consumed the lions share of my free time: up to about 20 or so hours a week.

When I first started playing, there was really only one: Ultima Online. I hated the PvP environment in UO so much that I would never go back after I quit, and nearly didn’t ever play a MMOG again…but thankfully (?) I tried EverQuest at the urging of my nephew. And for a couple of years, that was really the “only game in town”

I’ve found myself with more and more “good” games to choose from as the industry has matured. So has everyone else: this has fragmented groups of old gaming companions as we’ve ended up in various games. More choices has, for me, actually been a little bit of a curse along with the blessing.

I’ve bounced around through several games over the past couple of years- sometimes because I personally wanted a change, sometimes because someone I played with regularly wanted to move. Each time I move, there is a period during which I usually find it difficult to cancel the “old” game…just in case.

Once again I find myself paying two subscription fees: one for World of Warcraft, one for EverQuest 2. Since I was initially playing EQ2, then played WoW, then went back (about two weeks ago) to EQ2, I’m really in a bit of a quandry.

I should just cancel my WoW account and be done with it….but what if we change our minds again? Sigh

2 thoughts on “Gaming quandry…”

  1. Cancel it :).

    WoW was a fun diversion, but for me at least, EQ2 definitely feels a lot more like home. I can’t see myself changing games again, unless they turn all berserkers into blunt wielding mages 🙂

  2. Well, I’m sure you’ll make the mistake of reading the forums soon, and then you’ll find all the “OMFG! U HAV NERFD ZERKS!” posts regarding the upcoming combat patches.

    Next thing I know, you’ll be off playing VanWarcraDnD of Camelot or something 😉

    But I did cancel my WoW account. The cancel process is kind of funny: its like they can’t believe you are quitting, so they have to keep asking you why.

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