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Being sick is … sickening

Irene (my wife) started coming down with a cold/flu thing on Christmas Eve. Naturally, I started getting sick on Boxing day. And now I have a roaring great cold.

You know, the usual…feverish (peaked at 101.2), sore throat, headache, stuffy. This one is generating a great hacking cough, so stuff is settling in my lungs. I’ve had to cancel the get-together we were planning for this weekend- I can’t see myself being up to cooking for folks, nor do I imagine folks would want me cooking for them.

Furthermore (violins playing in the background…), I’m not sleeping well. Part of that is a result of my recent battles with my home network. Part of that is the fact that I can hardly breath. And I need sleep to get better…

Don’t you feel sorry for me? Okay, quit your laughing…this sucks

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