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Earlier this year we had to have our dog, Sheena, euthanized. It was a tough decision. But I was pretty clear that Sheena was our first and last dog: I loved her, but dogs are a lot of work.

 Irene has been working on me ever since. She wanted another dog. But we have a household of seven cats, and that’s busy enough. Up until this weekend, logic prevailed: despite several near misses, we remained dog free.

 I finally broke down this weekend. Meet Sadie…

Sadie is another SPCA puppy. We figured Sheena gave us 11 years of love, so this seemed like the best choice. Irene had been a volunteer dogwalker for the past couple of weeks. I knew this was risky, but I hoped it might get the “dog bug” out of her. She brought home a few “bugs”, but never actually shook her interest in having another dog.

 Sadie is five years old, a Rottweiler something cross. She’s fairly quiet, seems mellow, and is a lot less timid than Sheena. So far, she is acting more scared of the cats than the other way around. We’ll have to see how that works…

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