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Temporary Bachelor…

Irene left me!

 Well, in truth, it is thankfully only temporary. After flexing her muscles with the cats for a while this Saturday morning, she boarded a plane for sunny Edmonton to visit some friends and family.

While waiting for Irene to clear security at the airport, I witnessed evidence of their new focus on security. X-rays of Irene’s carry on luggage were carefully examined, and the inspectors pulled Irene aside to inspect her luggage by hand. Inside, they found this weapon of mass destruction:

I’m pretty sure that humanity is now safer with these powerful weapons securely in my hands instead of Irene’s.

As usual, watching Irene board the plane was depressing. I’m not happy when she goes away. Its only been a day or so and I’m missing her already…

For anyone visiting my home in Irene’s absence, please respect my sadness. Dancing girls and video game delivery to the front door, booze and take out food to the back door, please…

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