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MIT discovery could “supercharge” lithium ion batteries

One of the big problems with existing battery technologies is the charge and discharge rate. A battery that powers a device for several hours can take nearly the same amount of time to recharge, making it difficult to develop “continuous use” devices. There has been a lot of research into new technologies like super-capacitors, but production use of these approaches is years if not decades in the future. Thanks to the folks at MIT, however, we may soon have a simple alternative: quick-charge (and discharge) Lithium Ion batteries.

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iPhone battery- iPod part 2

Apple learned a great deal from the battery complaints that users had about the early iPods.  First, instead of just making it challenging to get at the battery in the iPhone, they have actually soldered it in.  Second, they have announced the battery replacement cost and policy almost concurrent with the release of the phone itself (Apple: iPhone Battery Replacement Plan Details – Gizmodo ).

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