Apple really likes those adjectives…

I found this on Gizmodo today, and when I watched the video I couldn’t help laughing out loud…

It is really awesomely incredibly great and unbelievable!

The video is extracted from the most recent (September 9th) Apple event, which was focussed on what I can only describe as a completely boring list of iPod announcements. There was nothing released that was “gee-whiz” like the iPhone, just minor incremental updates to existing product lines. Yet as is evidenced by this video, the Apple team worked hard to make it seem like they were revolutionizing the entire world.

I have to wonder how carefully the Apple folks craft and coach these kinds of over-the-top exuberant love-fests. I can’t imagine that this happens “naturally” or by accident. And it explains why the comparatively subdued presentations given by other companies seem so dour and boring in comparison.

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