Bicycle sound…

I remember my bike when I was a kid. Adding sound to it was a special art: the right kind of card or piece of cardboard, an appropriate clothes-line clip or other attachment device…it was tres chic.

But apparently my concept of bicycle sound is outmoded. Some very demented people are bolting huge speakers, massive amps, and even DVD video screens onto their bikes. Then I guess they roll around, struggling to peddle their 300 pound boom boxes with wheels around the neighborhood, where, if they are lucky, they can perhaps get 15 minutes or so of decent sound before their batteries run down.

I don’t get it…but then, the whole “boom box bigger than the guy carrying it” thing never made much sense to me either. I’m more a “oblivious to the world guy with headphones on” person: I only have a very weakly expressed piss-everyone-off-by-drowning-out-all-sound-with-my-crappy-music gene, I guess.

My favorite line from the article?

“Some guy hired me to build them for his kids,” he said. “Now a lot of people want them.”

Kids do crazy things…but the parent buying this for his kids, he has obviously had his head stuck between those 150 decibel-producing speakers far, far too long.

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