Need a $1,000 program to draw? Hardly…

I stumbled across this video which gives a stop-action view of someone using the least impressive of computer tools to perform some rather impressive illustrating magic…

Being able to do something amazing with a very basic tool may seem like a rather limited skill. But I have to wonder- what could this artist do with a “real” drawing program?

5 thoughts on “Need a $1,000 program to draw? Hardly…”

  1. I dig it! Wow… I do believe that some Photoshop artist just rolled over. Goes to show that once again that any tool can be made to work in the hands of a competent person.

  2. I am pretty certain the artist had pen and a graphics tablet… if not they truly are a god.

    Of course, this is one of those cases where it would have been easier to due the picture with pen and paper. The artistry isn’t in the picture of the car, but in the demonstration of mastery over a primitive and difficult set of tools. Sort of like riding a unicycle on a tightrope.

  3. You can check out his website here=>

    There is a “Click Here for more info” link on his main page that answers a couple of questions about the video, but doesn’t say much about the actual process (I.E.: what type of graphics tablet was used). I actually had more fun clicking on the link at the top of his page labelled “Work” and looking at some of his other art.

    The impression I get is that he’s done a couple of these MS Paint videos mainly just to show what can be done. It is *not* his normal day to day drawing program 🙂

  4. Oh very likely. I frequent a website for the art of which you’ll find most of my backgrounds on this compy and my work compy to be from here.
    Many are from the game industry others are just stupidly talented artists from all over the world.

    ITs like that craftsman who still uses the old tools and produces work as good or better than stuff made with all the neat tools of the day. Knowing where you’ve come from is not a bad thing to keep in mind I suppose.

  5. There is some advantage to “knowing your roots.” I know Kelly and I have a certain edge when diagnosing some computer problems because we actually remember when computers were simple things. We can, at times, look past the trees and see the forest. (Of course Kelly can deal with all complicated stuff as well … but then he eats, sleeps and breathes computers and has no life :p )

    I have noticed similar things with people that have worked on engines or radios or aircraft … they may not know exactly how all the stuff in there works, but they have a really good grasp of the basic concepts, and can have a general idea of what is wrong. Then they can research the details of this particular circumstance later.

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