Halloween candy…

Every year we buy more halloween candy than we give out. That’s great: I like the little snacks.

And every year I grab a handful (or two, or three…) of the stuff every time I sit down in front of the TV. So, there I am, feeling overweight and lazy, eating hundreds of totally empty calories. I feel this strange compulsion to eat the stuff as fast as possible, so it is gone and no longer a temptation. But wait a sec- whether I eat it in one week, or eat it in six months, I’m still ingesting the same calories.

The secret to losing weight and increasing physical well being starts with moderating calorie intake and increasing the rate of calorie consumption. That is, eat less and exercise more. Yes, there is obviously more to it: things like distributing your eating over the day in smaller meals rather than one or two really big meals, and engaging in certain types of exercise more attuned to burning fat. But at the root of the thing, health and weight is really simple mathematics.

I generally consider myself a reasonably smart guy. But when it comes to my own thinking, what drives me to do patently dumb things, I’m…well, I’m really, really dumb. Want a tiny crispy crunch? Or maybe a little Wunderbar…they are small, have two…or five.

5 thoughts on “Halloween candy…”

  1. I was aiming for slightly disturbing, but sinister will do šŸ™‚

    That is the actual bowl of candy in question, and my actual hand reaching into it- artistic integrity, you see šŸ™‚

    I ate another handful of the evil stuff tonight. If “you are what you eat”, I’m mostly cancer causing candy dyes and simulated chocolate material.

  2. The candy is almost gone. Now I have some mini cupcakes to eat…

    Will the madness never end?!

    As for preservatives…I don’t know about living forever, but my corpse will probably outlive the pyramids šŸ˜‰

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