Old school gamers

I went to meet my Mom and sister Judy at the casino today.  This is a pretty common thing: every couple of weeks they come to the Langley Cascades Casino where Irene and I join them for brunch.  But this day was to be a day for resolving a mystery.  For a week or so, Judy had been telling me that I had to come this Sunday since she had something for me from Shane.

My nephew Shane is a cool guy.  In ancient times, he and I both played Dungeons and Dragons- not together, unfortunately, since we were a twelve hour drive apart by car.  We both occasionally remember the “good old days” of adventuring with pen and paper.  For whatever reason, Shane saw this T-Shirt, thought of me, and got it for me.

I love it!  Not many people would understand what it means, but for me, it brings back many fond memories.  Thanks, Shane!

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2 thoughts on “Old school gamers”

  1. I love the other one on the site: “Jesus saves … and only takes half damage.”

    Ahh, as long as they are still making novelty T shirts pen and paper RPG is not dead 😀

  2. Heheh 🙂 Yeah, I saw that one too, and did you notice that the art on that shirt was done by Erol Otus? I am pretty sure that Otus was the guy who did a ton of artwork for the early D&D/AD&D books and modules. On the down side, that “Jesus Saves” T-shirt is one shirt I would probably get in trouble for wearing at work- our diversity rules are pretty specific about avoiding anything with religious connotations.

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