My Cubicle…

I work in cubicle-land (when I’m not working from home), so I can find a lot to laugh about in the following song…

I sit here in the…nude 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Cubicle…”

  1. The nude? Truly? Aren’t you a little um.. how should we say… white for that? 😀 *says the exhibitionists*

  2. Sometimes I sit here in my pyjamas and a week old growth of beard: does that count? 🙂

    Seriously, though, I think there is a problem on occasion with Youtube embedded video on my site- the content of the embed seemed to disappear since the last time I edited it. If it’s working, you should see a squarish area above with player controls: click anywhere in the squarish area to activate the control, then click the play button.

    If you listen to the song, my comment makes more sense. I can’t say I’ve ever sat in my cubicle in any particular state of undress. However, there have been a couple of 20 hour plus work sessions where I’ve ended up curled up on the floor asleep under my cubicle desk…

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