Woman charged with assault with a deadly…er, dead chihuahua

I was reading one of my news feeds the other day and came across this gem about a woman who beat a dog breeder with a dead chihuahua. Apparently, the dog breeder sold the puppy when it was too young. The purchaser took the puppy to a vet who told her it needed to be returned to its mother, but the puppy died while in transit. The puppy’s purchaser then proceeded to assault the dog breeder using the dead chihuahua as a weapon.

I suppose the woman who bought the puppy was distraught. But I find it really, really hard to believe that she gave a rats ass about the poor little dog, and was more concerned about getting her money’s worth. And using the dead dog as a weapon does nothing to build up my sympathy for her. WHat the heck is wrong with people?

That said…am I some sort of disgusting freak for finding it hard not to laugh at the image of a woman using a chihuahua to smack around another woman? For some reason, all I can see in my mind’s eye is a strange combination of Paris Hilton and her weird looking rat dog with Monty Python and the dead parrot sketch.

One thought on “Woman charged with assault with a deadly…er, dead chihuahua”

  1. I think I saw that dog breeder story on one of those court tv shows. There’s so many of them I wouldn’t doubt it. But seriously that is one weird story. It’s a good thing she didn’t buy a horse :0)

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