Nintendo Wii- Dumbest Name Ever

The “new generation” game consoles are stacking up to be pretty impressive. All of them are based on variations of the IBM Cell processor technology. The first out was Microsoft’s XBox 360, soon to be followed by Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s entry which was, until a few days ago, code named “Revolution”.

But now Nintendo has announced their new game console’s official name. It will henceforce be called the “Wii”. Yes, that’s it- the whole name…pronounced “we”.

To me it sounds suspiciously like something a 4 year old needing to use the toilet says (“Mommy, I gotta go wee!”). What it doesn’t sound like is a name for a gaming console that I’d ever want to own. Please note that I am *not* commenting here on the merits of Nintendo’s technology or their game products- just the name.

Some marketing guy is laughing his head off right now as he rolls in a huge pile of money Nintendo paid him to come up with this total boner of a name. Wii…good gravy, that’s an embarrasing name.

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