Staggering damage to the environment must be stopped!

This was an April Fool’s Joke: DHMO is water (H20)

I’m a small “e” environmentalist. But when I started reading about the proliferation of DHMO in our industry and the horrible damage it can cause to our natural world, my hackles rose. Something has to be done!

DHMO Kills!

Even if we move fast on this, so much damage has already been done- the ignorance and sadness of this situation is hard to contemplate. Every one of us owes it to our little blue home world to take action against this noxious poison!

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One thought on “Staggering damage to the environment must be stopped!”

  1. This was my lame attempt at an April Fools post for 2006.

    “DHMO”….dihydrogen monoxide….two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen…H20. Its funny to read over the warnings (“Death by inhalation”) knowing its water. Its even more funny to realize that there was at least one US state that had a bill launched to examine the risk of DHMO in the environment- it never passed into law, but I imagine it was a close thing 🙂

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