What the president really said…

Sometimes a little judicious editing can reveal the real truth in what even someone like George Bush says.

Hurrah for the President! And even without editing, its clear he really knows his sovereign is really…sovereign.

From the same website, we see the Star Trek: Next Generation Engineer’s training video. This guy knows his photonic plasmoidal thermocouples from his toroidal cryophasic fluxion fields, that’s for sure!

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2 thoughts on “What the president really said…”

  1. Hehe our first goal is utter contempt for the environment…ain’t that the truth. Even though the video was tongue in cheek, it doesn’t seem like it is so far fetched.

    I know that only half of the Americans like Bush. But that is scary, that even half of them think that this guy should lead anything other than a boy scout weinee roast….what a moron.

    And that second video, funny, but it almost made sense 🙂

  2. Bush is not exactly a genious, that’s for sure.

    But being “bright” isn’t a pre-requisite for being president of the U.S.. What really bugs me about Bush is the way he and his administration have manipulated the “9/11” terrorist thing. And the fact that he actually supports things like the instruction of students in “Intelligent Design” alongside evolution, as if they are both equally viable “science”. ID is a faith thing- it belongs in church, not school. And then there is his close buddy-buddy relationship with his Halliburton cronies: the war in Iraq was pretty much tailor-made for them, and I still don’t see any plausible link between Al-Queda and Iraq. Osama is still scott free in Afghanistan…but then there isn’t any oil nor any potential work contracts for Halliburton

    Anyway, I spent about two hours puttering around on the Ebaumsworld site where those videos live- there is a ton of stuff there that got me laughing. A lot of really rather gross stuff, too, so be warned: videos of 600 pound women sitting on skinny guys, movies of guys pooping then carrying the poop around- no idea who thinks that’s humour, but…

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