Muslims react to cartoons of Muhammad…Irony

Muslims are rioting and threatening to bomb embassys over the publication of some cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Set aside, for the moment, the debate over free speech versus freedom from religious persecution. What I find ironic is the following:

The Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, apparently didn’t publish one cartoon- they published a dozen different cartoons by a number of Danish illustrators. The publication was a response to reports that European editorial artists were refusing to illustrate works that in any way touched on Islam for fear of retribution from fundamentalists. The cartoons were intended to see if the artists were right to be fearful.

Guess what? The artists were right to be fearful. Next up: the rebirth of the political correctness movement. As an aside, rather than writing out my opinion on this topic, I’ll point you to this guy. His views are pretty close to my own. Now watch, he’ll replace his page with some sort of KKK/Nazi extremist statement, and everyone will think I’m a freak 🙂

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