Hulk Smash! I might just have to buy an XBox…

Apparently there has been a new Incredible Hulk console game, and it is good.

I sometimes like mindless violence in my games, and I can’t think of a better character to play for a bit of mindless violence than the Big Green Guy. The first incredible hulk game got luke warm reviews, but so far Incredible Hulk- Ultimate Destruction has been getting some pretty decent reviews, holding up at 8 out of ten on most reviews.

The problem is…its only on consoles, and I’ve avoided consoles for about seven or eight years now. I can’t buy a console just for one game, can I?

UPDATE: Apparently, yes I can πŸ˜‰ Actually, I bought the console and haven’t bought the game yet. As penance, I only played with the XBox for an hour or so, and spent 3 hours playing Dungeon Siege II on my *real* computer…

3 thoughts on “Hulk Smash! I might just have to buy an XBox…”

  1. RE: I wish it were on the PC…so do I. On the plus side, I now have another cardboard box to recycle- whee!

    As for harvesting…if I could harvest for an hour and reliably make, say, 10-20 gold pieces, I might be able to get into it. But instead I harvest for three hours and make maybe 75 silver pieces- just enough to pay for porting out to the harvest zone. Its hard for me to get excited about that prospect πŸ˜‰ I have a lot more fun playing a new game where I go up a level in an hour or something.

    My way of dealing with the EQ2 cash issue is to be sort of stingy- E.G.: I don’t buy replacement gear until well after my old stuff has turned green. Some things I can’t be too cheap about- keeping my spells up at the Apprentice III or so level, for example. But at the moment I have about 80 gold pieces socked away.

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