Another night…another bug

I’m still awake, and its 1:00 am on a work day. Why am I still up, you ask?

Well, its like this. The other day I edited one of my website configuration files…Vhosts.conf, which will be meaningless unless you’ve ever configured an Apache web server. Anyway, I fixed a problem whereby my “default” virtual website was, instead of And in the process, I apparently broke my log file configuration.

Stupid me…I forgot to copy the old config file. So I spent the last hour or so trying to remember what it looked like. The computing gods smiled upon me- I found an ancient dust-bedecked copy of my Vhosts.conf file from nearly two years ago and immediately saw my error.

Now I can go to sleep feeling content. Any normal person wouldn’t have felt compelled to fix this non-critical problem, but…who said I was normal?

P.S.: I restarted the web server process a dozen or so times while trying to figure out what I’d done wrong- sorry if you got caught in the restarts

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