Karl Rove, your conscience called…

I have this image of Karl Rove, one of George Bush’s senior advisors and architect of his re-election campaign, smoking a big cigar (Cuban) and laughing at America. This is a guy who advises trotting out patriotism as an excuse for violating civil rights, lying to the public about fictional WMD, and calling political opponents who actually served in a war “cowards” and liars.

And now he’s playing word games over the despicable act of “outing” an undercover CIA operative to score political points against an opponent. To summarize: in 2002, Joseph Wilson was sent on a publicly announced fact finding mission by the CIA. Based on that trip, Joseph then vigorously countered the Bush administrations claims that weapons of mass destruction were being built in Iraq. Karl Rove didn’t like this, so he secretly told a news reporter that Joseph was sent on this “junket” because his wife worked for the CIA. The newspaper reporter published a story quoting “highly placed sources” saying that Valerie Plume, Joseph Wilson’s wife, worked for the CIA. Valerie Plume was a CIA secret operative. The Bush administration claimed later that no one in the Whitehouse had leaked the information, and if someone from the Whitehouse was identified to have been involved they would be immediately fired. Rove himself was asked if he had leaked any such information, and he said he had never told anyone the name of any CIA operatives.

Now Karl Rove has been identified as the man who revealed Valerie Plume’s identity: the email he sent is now part of public record. But he says he never lied: you see, he never actually *named* Valerie Plume, he just said “Joseph Wilson’s wife works for the CIA”.

I admire people who stand by their convictions, who admit their mistakes, and who set high standards for themselves. Karl Rove does none of these things, and he’s making my already dismal perception of the Bush administration deteriorate further through his high level association with the president.

Some people might liken Rove’s word games to Clinton’s definition of “sex” as it pertained to Monica Lewinksy. But lets get something straight here: Karl Rove publicly identified a CIA agent, thereby ending her career and putting her life in jeopardy. He did so for no other reason than to score some political points while polishing up the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie. His good friend George Bush is still “supporting” him, despite promising vehemently to fire anyone who was identified as having leaked Valerie’s name.

People who put their own political agendas above the lives of civilians, soldiers, and government agents have no place in government. They sicken me. Karl Rove sickens me. But apparently the average American thinks this kind of thing is okay, and no doubt they’d elect Bush for a third term if the law didn’t prevent it, because dammit they are Republican, and he’s Republican, and that’s the way its done.

5 thoughts on “Karl Rove, your conscience called…”

  1. To me, what is even more disturbing then Karl Rove “outing” someone, is the total lack of interest the U.S. general public seems to have in this.

    This is the picture I have in my head…

    “Oh, a government official put someone’s life in jeopardy just because they didn’t like their opinion on an issue, interesting, but I thought we were watching the Simpsons?”.

  2. Yeah…to me, there is nothing less patriotic short of outright terrorism than what Karl Rove did. As long as Bush continues to support this guy I have to think that both he and his administration are ethically and morally bankrupt

  3. Here’s what I don’t understand… I think it’s all sick, and it sounds to me like Karl Rove was just ticked that Wilson went public about his findings in Niger… What does it matter if his wife suggested that he be the one to go or not? No one has been able to satisfactorily explain that to me. And I really want to know… I may not have a clear understanding what she did for the CIA, and perhaps there’s some conflict of interest there… But I don’t know.


  4. Erin, I’m not clear on that point myself. The first guess I made was that the CIA had some kind of vested, possibly political, interest in demonstrating that there was no nuclear materials purchase by Iraq. But that was just a guess, and it doesn’t make a ton of sense (didn’t the CIA provide Bush and friends with a bunch of evidence of WMD in Iraq?).

    The core thing from my perspective is the fact that Rove basically put the life of an American government agent in jeopardy all to score some political points. And even if that doesn’t shake you up, he put the life of a man’s *wife* in jeopardy. How can anyone, republican, democrat, or Alien party, not see that as wrong at the deepest level?

  5. Thanks for replying. I have to admit, I think it’s totally evil, and I can’t believe that it happened to begin with.

    I am still looking for my answer as to why it’s such a big deal that she may have been the one to suggest his name. No one can really answer that for me, still. 🙂

    I wanted to email you about something interesting I read that wasn’t, at this point, relative to the whole Karl Rove thing, but I can’t find your email address anywhere…


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