Moon Landing Conspiracy!

The Apollo moon landings were all fake. If you believe that, I imagine you also believe that Santa lives at the North Pole, and all Politicians are always scrupulously honest.

Not to be dissuaded by facts or logic, there are still a surprising number of people, most of whom have not had lobotomies and aren’t permanent residents of mental institutions, who believe that the moon landings are fake. But, I suppose they are welcome to have their stupid, pathetically innane, and completely wrong theories.

What they *don’t* have a right to do is stuff a microphone in a real hero’s face a and call him a liar. Thankfully, Buzz still has the right stuff, and he responded about as politely as I can imagine I would under similar circumstances. Unfortunately, the Moon landing conspiracy theorist whom Mr. Aldrin decked survived to pass on his stupidity for another day.

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