Dog trying to commit suicide?

Irene was brushing our dog Sheena today and discovered that Sheena had a cut on her neck. I took a look, thinking it was a little nick or something…but instead it was a huge, 3″ long slash going quite deep into the flesh.

We got called the vet right away and got the dog in within about 30 minutes. The vet says the cut was very close to opening the trachea and, if it had been on the other side, severing the main artery in the neck. He said it looked fairly fresh, probably within a day. Sheena stayed at the vet for stitches.

So, here’s the question- Sheena is an old dog, who spends maybe 10 minutes a day outside. She can barely walk, so its not like she roughhouses or anything. How the heck did she get a 3″ long gash in her throat?

I suppose it will be one of those mysteries…probably Sheen can’t even remember how it happened, and even if she did remember she isn’t talking.