Protecting the world from Terrorist phone standards…

Oh my goodness. You have to hand it to some politicians. Here we are, in the second week of the Iraq war, which will probably result in thousands of dead and tens of thousands injured.

And what is the big, important policy statement being pushed for by Republican Congressman Darrell Issa? Is it a drive for a swift end to the war? Focus on other terrorist-harbouring nations? Nope…its the selection of a digital phone standard to be used when rebuilding Iraq.

Apparently, the good Congressman thinks its vitally important that the CDMA standard, largely used only in the U.S., be deployed in post-war Iraq. This will allow good ol’ American phone products to be used instead of those iccky European phone systems based on GSM. What’s next? All post-war Iraqians required to eat three meals at McDonalds? Banning of all non-GM automobiles from the Iraqian highways?

I have to really wonder how many of these idjits elected to political office have the brains God granted a screwdriver. Where do these guys leave their morals when they come to power? Call me naive, but right at the moment the last thing I give a damn about regarding Iraq is what type of cell phone they will be using after the war.