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2015 MacBook vs 2011 MacBook Pro

I recently upgraded (side graded?) from a circa 2011 MacBook Pro to a 2015 MacBook. This change isn’t for everyone, but I’m pretty happy with the differences. In this post I explore what changed, and why I made the leap.



Stupid Mac tricks…

In computers, bugs are a fact of life. No matter how much someone might claim that an application or operating system is “perfect”, the truth is always quite different.

Take the Macintosh, for example. I’ve been using my MacBook Pro for a while, and am pretty impressed with its behavior. But “bug free? Heck […]

A Macintosh a day…

27 years ago, I bought an Apple II+. That was my first computer, and I have many fond memories of its 16 kilobyte wonder.

When the Macintosh came out in 1984, I really wanted one. Unfortunately, it was several thousand dollars too expensive, and I had already committed to spending several thousand dollars on […]