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Jan 05, 2000: Becoming a Talon

Becoming a Talon…

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01/05/00: “Don’t I look snazzy with my shiny new guild tag?”

Becoming a member of the Talons of the Phoenix was a very special moment for me. The Talons are a close-knit little group of friends, most of whom possess very high level (40th level and up) characters. Paeter was 10th level when he was invited into the guild. I was honoured to have been invited at such a young age…

Guilds can be a great thing. At their best, they are a social network of friends who share their skills and help willingly. You always have a friend on-line to chat with if you are a guild member. You can usually find someone to form a group with, someone who you can feel comfortable with. In this mythical “best guild”, you would never feel pressured or obligated: you would simply want to help and participate as a matter of normal events. I love my guild because it has these qualities.

But make sure you spend some time checking out both the concept of guild membership and the specific guild you are considering joining. If you want to play a “lone wolf” character, or if you just don’t want any specific “entanglements”, then perhaps guild membership isn’t for you. A good guild member socializes at least a bit, and helps their friends out when they can: the “loner” approach just doesn’t work for a guild member. And the specific guild you are looking at may have rules or regulations that you don’t feel comfortable with.

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