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Sometimes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Other times, its all accidental. But this is just too darned close for comfort…

Spotted at Guk entrance, an Ogre Shaman by the name of “Flogg”…

03/26/00: “Dig his moldy ear…”

Logg Krushr once said that he was one of the few Ogres without fungus on his face, and acted quite proud of this fact. Flogg here seems equally proud of his prominent fungal growths. I wonder if there is something wrong with Logg?

03/26/00: “He has a book…an obvious sign that this is not Logg…”

Does Flogg realize that he has a famous “name sibling” whom I have never seen with a book in hand? Is he aware that all Ogres are illiterate? Maybe he calls his book “Toylut Peyper”. Whatever the case may be, his book made me suspicious…

03/26/00: “Flogg has visible airborne parasites…”

The big surprise was when Flogg started casting spells. I did a double take: yup, Flogg is a shaman. I think it must be coincidence. I can’t imagine anyone emulating Logg intentionally…

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