Motorcycle Road Trip #1: to Edmonton and back

2011 is the year I wanted to start taking my motorcycle on some longer, multi-day trips.  I had lots of questions to explore: would I figure out how to pack what I need?  Would the Road Glide be comfortable for the long haul?  And most important: would this kind of riding be the kind of thing I really want to do- in other words, is it “fun” for Kelly?

My first road trip of 2011 was “back home”: to Edmonton.  A destination I’m familiar with, through territory I’ve experienced before in a car.  I miss my friends back in Edmonton, but haven’t felt particularly like making the trip in the last half dozen years or so.  I like where I live, and my friends/family come out here often enough… but the bike gave me a reason to make the trip.  And so I packed up and set out on June 25…

Road Glide roadtrip


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