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WoW must be giving it away…

I was reading a “d’uh, that’s obvious” article today regarding how the massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) industry needs to stop looking for the next WoW killer. And I came across this particular bit of text that, well, just doesn’t add up.

By his [Michael Cai] estimation, WoW accounted for half of the […]


I played World of Warcraft a couple of years ago when my Nephew and family decided to check it out. I didn’t mind it, but was just starting to get into EQ2 when we moved and so it was a bit frustrating in that regard. Within a month or two we moved back to […]

William Shatner is a Shaman…

I don’t play World of Warcraft any more- it was fun, but lacked depth. But apparently William Shatner plays WoW, or at least he claims to in a new World of Warcraft television commercial.


Make love, not Warcraft…

I’m not a big fan of Southpark.  I find its “humour” to generally be too crude for my tastes. But every once in a while I catch an episode, and now and then it’s funny without diving too deeply into toilet humour.