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Bayonetta: Everything that is wrong with this type of game

Title Bayonetta Developer Platinum Games Type Action/Fighting Platform(s) XBox360, PS3 Kelly Score ™ 40 / 100

Action games are a genre that I really didn’t understand until I played Bayonetta. I could therefore say that the $60 I spent on this game was educational: I have been taught that I should not buy this […]

Why are so many computer users skinflints?

A couple of days ago I responded to a review of a Twitter application I use with the following observations:

The review I was referring to was one in PC Magazine about a BlackBerry Twitter application I use and love called Tweet Genius. Twitter’s 140 character constraints make it a bit tough for […]

Even wrong, it’s still funny…

I stumbled across this series of comic video game reviews earlier this week, but didn’t actually watch any of them.  You see, I had heard that this particular reviewer had given a negative review to BioShock, and my unsubstantiated reaction was that the reviewer must be a total moron.