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I just returned from a business trip to the U.S.. It was a tiring affair, but so far as business travel goes, I guess it was about as good as can be expected.

That said, this was my first major trip since about 2000. I had read about but hadn’t experienced first-hand the […]

Boy Toys…

Popular Science has an article regarding various weapons platforms being considered for the future. Most of them are old hat: rail guns, laser cannons, that kind of thing. But one sort of got my attention: a million round per minute machine cannon.


Semi-annual hacking…

This site was down most of today. I apologize for that. I spent most of today, probably 6 or more hours, fixing up this server after one of my web sites here was “hacked”.

The hacking itself was pretty minor- someone just altered the contents of a couple of pages to include their names […]