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I’m like most people: I complain about all the things in my life that aren’t quite the way I want them. My sore back. The fact that I’m not a millionaire. The high taxes I pay. The many years remaining on my mortgage.


Computer Upgrade 2004 begins…

I’ve started my semi-annual computer upgrade process. I’ve opted for an AMD 64 configuration this time, the first time that I’ve selected a non-Intel processor for my main computer gaming rig.

 I’ll eventually be writing a little article on the topic, but for now you can check out some pictures I’ve taken during the […]

Janet Jackson’s Breast

Apparently, Janet Jackson “accidentally” exposed her right nipple during the halftime show of the SuperBowl. Justin Timberlake ripped of a “tear away” piece on her outfit as part of the act. In case you missed, here it is. Okay, now that you’ve seen it…tell me, did you suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury. How about several billion dollars worth? No? Well, apparently an astoundingly litigious and presumably remarkably sensitive woman named Terri Carlin in Knoxville, Tennesee, suffered so. I’m amazed at the outcry. These are the same people that scrunch up all close to the TV screen when someone gets their brains blown out during some action show during prime time, or better yet during the News on CNN. The same society that happily tunes in every week for another episode of Temptation Island, wherein hot tub shenaningans often reveal a lot more skin then Janet did, and where the entire plot line is based on cheating on your loved ones. And apparently a 2 second shot of someone’s breast is enough to destroy their fragile grip on reality, and cause them to lose all faith in their glorious culture. Good lord…give your heads a shake, people! It isn’t really important whether you believe Justin’s story that the move was a last minute unrehearsed addition by Janet. You could doubt Janet’s story that her breast wasn’t supposed to be exposed, there was supposed to be a lacey bra there but that it “slipped”. But its just a breast, for crying out loud. No doubt you’ve seen them before. Breast feeding women are even allowed to expose them in public places in most metro areas. I’ve watched news reports, prime time TV shows, and movies that showed longer and more erotic imagery. 13 year old girls prance around in malls with their G-strings showing on their ultra low rider jeans, and Momsy and Dadsy are right there, buying them another pair. But I guess the SuperBowl is no place for that kind of moral decay. Yep, a 3 hour ritualized battle involving full contact often resulting in broken bones and permanent injury watched by men and women guzzling huge quantities of booze is good, clean, and American. Follow that up with a couple of hours of Temptation Island or I Married a Millionaire, and don’t forget an incredibly frivilous multi-billion dollar lawsuit, and you’ve captured all of those special values that make America great. But keep your damn titties out of it! […]

The amazing Ginsu…

Some advertisements speak volumes about the quality and suitability of their product. Others don’t … and don’t try this at home, kids 🙂 Note: link above requires Windows Media or some other suitable and properly configured MPEG player. If you click the link and don’t see a video, you don’t have what you need