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Sore back…

My back hurts at the moment. Really badly. Sort of on the right side, between the shoulder blades. Its bad enough that the pain shoots down my arm, and at times I feel like I can’t breath.

 Yesterday I couldn’t even lift a coffee cup with my right hand. Reaching for the mouse on my computer hurt. I drove to a store five minutes away, and ended up having Irene drive back because I couldn’t steer well due to the shooting pain.

 Today its a bit better…a Tylenol 3, two Robaxecets, and a couple of Vioxx so far, and its only 2:30 PM. All of this pain is one thing, but what really bugs me is …

…the fact that I can’t point at anything I did and say “that hurt my back”. I had a dream in the wee hours of Sunday morning in which I hurt my back. I suddenly woke up in pain, and sure enough, my back was sore. But what did I *do*?

 Probably whatever it was wasn’t very heroic. I likely bent over wrong, or picked something up that I can’t remember…something dull like that. If I was into extreme sports, I could say something like I twisted my back while free climbing some 1000′ sheer drop, but no, all I can do is look at how my posture when I reach for the mouse and stuff like that.

 Oh well. On the plus side, I get to take large quantities of pain killers and lie on the floor a bit. Thats always fun…

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