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XBox One- initial impressions

I’ve had my XBox One for a whole 16 hours, give or take. So far, my experience with it is completely positive. I’ll be updating this post a bit over the next couple of days as I experience more with this Generation Eight console.

Here are some quick observations in bulleted […]

It just can’t get any better… XBox 360 RROD ends my lovely week

I decided to play a nice, enjoyable game on my XBox 360 tonight after a week filled with Vista and PC hardware problems. And what should greet me?


Yes, the fated Red Ring of Death. And yes, I took the pictures that went into the above animated GIF, so this is my actual […]

Playing Fable…

Title Fable Developer Lionhead Type Role playing game Platform(s) XBox, XBox 360 (emulation mode) Kelly Score ™ 90 / 100

Lionhead games released a game called “Fable” (note: site uses Flash plugin) a few years ago. I dismissed it because a few folks who liked “goofy/cartoonish” style games thought it was a great thing.